Winter 2019 Tree Maintenance

Hey Foxfire Campers,

This is a blog that we have to both keep our website fresh and inform everyone about what is going on around the campground. You would think that a campground doesn’t have much maintenance; however, all types of jobs present themselves that require problem solving, ingenuity and even a little toughness. For instance, one of our older trees in the front seemed to have a deep split in it somehow and would be required to come down. The problem was that this tree was in the middle of a few other older trees that we would very much like to keep since they are irreplaceable. Because of this particular dilemma, we reached out to the professionals to have our huge, dying tree taken out before it would fall and potentially cause damage to the property or worst, hurt a Foxfire camper.

After realizing that this just wasn’t a possibility, we then called upon the fearless Earl of Hartford whom is a jack of all trades. Earl and his son, Jakob,  got a chainsaw and gear and began tackling the removal of  our massive injured tree the first day it began to warm up. Although we solved the problem of our tree causing anything or body any harm, we now had to also remove the huge tree that was now down, but in the way of everything. So Reece brought his splitter and Debbie decided to order bags so that we can sell firewood, which brings us to something that not all campers know about. We want our campers to bring and burn only local firewood so that our trees don’t catch any diseases that are brought in from all over on campers’ wood.

So if you are a camper that is not local and you are having to purchase firewood to burn, please keep in mind that we do this for the safety and well being of our beloved and beautiful trees that take hundreds of years to make. Also, by buying our wood, you help us pay for some of the expenses and get it cheaper than you would across the street. So thank you to all of our Foxfire campers who help support our cause of helping people get back to nature, relax and have a great time.

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